Our trail

Born from the creative heads of our fabulous Castlebank Sub Committee, the Lanimer Committee have the pleasure in introducing our Lanimer Trail and Scavenger Hunt.

It wouldn’t be right to let Lanimer Week go past without something to mark it, so this year, saddle up and get ready to walk, trot or even canter to see our silhouettes that will be dotted throughout our lovely Burgh. These silhouettes will be decorated by some of our existing Procession entrants and some new entrants as well. We are absolutely delighted with the response this had. All of the silhouettes will be decorated with a Lanimer Theme and we can’t wait to see what our amazing entrants come up with.

There will be 40 (yes you read that right 40!) silhouettes throughout the Royal Burgh over what should have been Lanimer Week. We will even post a map on our social media pages to let you know the exact location of all of the silhouettes.

We also have our Scavenger Hunt. We are asking people to look in the windows of all our local businesses and see what they can see. There will be a “shoe” and a letter. These letters will need to be gathered to form a word, which you will take to the final stable. Don’t worry there will be a riddle for you to work out where to go.

We hope that everyone has as much fun looking at the silhouettes and doing the scavenger hunt as we have had in planning it all.

Happy Lanimers